The Fiat 500 Family Tree

Fiat 500 Exhibit at Lane Motor MuseumIn the Beginning…

The Fiat Topolino (1936-55) became the Fiat 600 (1955-69)
The Fiat 600 became the Fiat Nuova 500 (1957-75)
The Fiat 500 became the Fiat 126 (1972-93)
The Fiat 126 became the Fiat Cinquecento (1991-98)
The Fiat Cinquecento became both the Fiat Seicento (1998-2010)
and the Fiat New 500 (2007+)

A Look at Our Major Projects for 2011

1930 Éclair

The 1930 Éclair- just one of the museum's current restoration projects.

During 2011 Lane Motor Museum will have many projects pass through our workshop. Listed below are the six largest projects we are working on.

1. Éclair – If you’re not familiar with the Éclair, it is a one-of-a-kind, single-seater, propeller-powered car. We borrowed the only car ever made from an airplane museum in France with the understanding that we would restore the original, then make a replica for ourselves. (more…)

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