Tatra – The Final Fifty (Years)

2011 Tatra Exhibit at Lane Motor Museum

"Tatra- The Last 50 Years" will be on display at Lane Motor Museum until May 21, 2012

Tatra is a storied marque, but one unfamiliar to most car enthusiasts. Beginning like so many auto manufacturers in the wagon and carriage trade, Tatra rose through the Czechoslovakian industrial landscape – first with railroad cars, then fairly conventional cars, but later with something really special and almost unknown – the aerodynamic sedans they are best known for. (more…)

The Complex History of the DKW Brand

DKW Auto Union

The badge on the front of the DKW F800 Schnell-Laster Kombi. DKW? Auto Union? Audi?

One of the duties of my great job is that I change out the displays on the main floor. Usually, our director, Jeff Lane, will give me a list of cars coming and going from the display area. It is a fun part of the job, since I usually end up learning something new about at least one of the vehicles. I recently placed our collection of DKWs on the floor. I’ve always thought of all of these vehicles as DKWs mainly based on the goofy two-stroke engines under their hoods that produce copious amounts of smoke whenever started. (more…)

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